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Save On Vacations shares tips for warm weather travel for its members and guests. Save On Vacations, a leader in the vacation industry, provides travelers with tips for staying safe and healthy during warm weather vacations so everyone can enjoy their precious vacation time.

Even though it may feel great to spend long hours lounging in the sun, the results may not be to your liking, especially if you’re coming from a cold destination. The temptation to stay outdoors and bask in the warm sun may be strong, but vacationers need to take care not to get sunburned or dehydrated.

Save On Vacations Shares Warm Weather Travel Tips

Most experts recommend that travelers ease themselves into sun exposure to avoid getting burned or suffering from heat exhaustion. No one wants to end up with a painful sun burn that keeps them from enjoying all the fun vacation activities they had planned.

Save On Vacations Shares Warm Weather Travel Tips 2

These handy tips from Save On Vacations will help keep everyone happy and comfortable on vacation. Its not just about knowing when to get out of the sun, our warm weather travel tips cover other topics as well.

Warm Weather Travel Tips from Save On Vacations

Use and Reapply Sunscreen Often

By applying sunscreen regularly, especially when playing in the water, you can avoid a bright red color and painful burn. Most sunscreens allow for a little bit of color, depending on the SPF, so you can still get a healthy tan.

It is also important to balance exposure and shade and to be mindful of the time spent in the sun. Especially when spending time in the water, your face is exposed not only to the sun, but also the reflection from the water. A strong sunscreen and a hat can be your best defense.

Save On Vacations Shares Warm Weather Travel Tips 1

Drink More Water Than Normal

Experiencing too much sun, or spending too much time in the heat, can deplete the body’s natural hydration. Travel experts know that playing in the sun can be as physically draining as it is enjoyable. It can result in a variety of health issues ranging from annoying to quite severe.

Drinking plenty of water is just the first step to avoiding dehydration. Avoiding excessive alcohol and reducing salty foods can also help reduce your chance of dehydration. Water with electrolytes can also help your body rehydrate after too much time in the sun and heat.

Protect Your Eyes

Regardless of the weather, sunglasses are a must. The glare from the water can cause migraines, eye pain, and seeing spots if you spend time near or on the water, or by looking directly at the sun.

Polarized lenses can help reduce water glare for vacationers who enjoy water sports and fishing. No matter what outdoor activity you have planned, having proper eyewear that fits well and protects your eyes from harmful rays is essential.

Save On Vacations Shares Warm Weather Travel Tips

Protect Your Feet

When it is warm outside, people have a higher tendency to walk barefoot. However, in warmer locations, travelers’ feet can suffer from hot pavement and hot sand so be sure to protect your feet.

Also, if you plan to play in the water or enjoy water activities like snorkeling, Save On Vacations reviews recommend wearing water sandals. This will help prevent scraping or cutting your skin on anything in the water you may not see.

Check The Water Temperature

In the summer, swimming in lakes, rivers, and oceans can be tempting when the outside temperature is pleasant. However, unless vacationers are in a place where the weather and water temperatures are warm most of the year, those waters may still be frigid.

In cold water, hypothermia and breathlessness can occur quickly. Always be sure to check the water temperature and enter slowly as temperatures can change drastically in just a few feet. Also, young children should be watched carefully and constantly around any body of water.

Save On Vacations wants travelers to enjoy their vacations and be safe and healthy. By following these tips, vacationers should be able to avoid becoming exposed to situations that could quickly become uncomfortable or even dangerous.

According to Save On Vacations reviews, you can make your vacation much more enjoyable by planning ahead, packing the right gear, staying hydrated, and avoiding overexposure to the sun and heat.

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