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The winter travel season will be over soon, but while it is still in play, Save On Vacations believes travelers should take advantage of the season’s magic by visiting unique destinations like Big Bear Lake.

When they visit and stay at the Snow Lake Lodge, visitors can take part in some of the best activities the area has to offer before the season passes.

Save On Vacations Reveals Top Picks for Winter Recreation in Big Bear

Save On Vacations encourages travelers to plan their visit now and participate in some of these top activities.

Zip lines: For families who visit the Snow Lake Lodge and need a thrill, zip-lining tours are an excellent choice for the entire family to experience. There are expert guides that will prepare the whole family to soar, and once they are ready, visitors will glide above the forests, seeing their green trees and snowy hills from high above. The tours have all the equipment needed to participate in this exhilarating experience.

Segway Tours: Save On Vacations knows Big Bear Lake is the perfect location for exploring its beautiful forests. Still, travelers should consider the Segway tours available in the area for a different kind of tour.

Save On Vacations Reveals Top Picks for Winter Recreation in Big Bear 3

These tours offered in Big Bear Lake are great for trying a new activity and enjoying the beauty of the destination.  The Segway tours are available all year round but can be especially fun in the wintertime.

Snowshoeing: For a more winter-themed activity, Save On Vacations recommends that guests at the Snow Lake Lodge take advantage of the last of the winter months to take a snowshoeing tour around Big Bear.

Beautiful Panorama Of Crater Lake

This is a beautiful way to take things slow and experience the winter beauty in the area. A quiet trip through the region will give visitors an up-close look at the forest and its inhabitants.

Big Bear Lake can be fascinating in the winter, and Save On Vacations knows that when travelers stay at the Snow Lake Lodge, they can enjoy the best that the season offers. However, the season will soon end, so travelers must start planning their trips now.

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